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Protecting Your Estate

With effective planning, a professionally drafted Will can ensure sure your loved ones are also provided for in a tax-efficient way.      

Making a Will ensures that when you die, your estate is managed in accordance to your wishes.         

Our legal team can help you write a Will to:

  • Ensure your money goes to the people you want it to go to and not to the state.

  • Minimise inheritance tax.

  • Appoint people you trust as executors to sort out your affairs when you die.

  • Appoint legal guardians for any minors.

  • Reflect changes in your life circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, or the birth of children or grandchildren

  • Ensure gifts of personal items are left to the right people

The Dangers of Not Leaving a Will

It is a dangerous misconception to assume that because you’ve been with your partner for years that they will automatically inherit everything when you die. Only by leaving a valid Will can this be assured.

If you don’t make a Will, according to the rules of intestacy, the state will divide your estate. The rules of intestacy are rigid and often do not reflect what you would like to happen to your estate and usually are not tax-efficient.                                               

Your assets are not protected and people such as unmarried partners and step children are excluded from being direct beneficiaries.

Our will writing service is straightforward, stress free and drafted by professional will writers.

We can also securely store your will, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us for immediate assistance and book your free, no obligation consultation today.

Giving you and your loved ones peace of mind and protect your assets, property and inheritance.

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