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Vehicle Finance & Leasing
From  One Vehicle To a Fleet We Can get Your Business Moving

The way you present yourself is vitally important when running a business and having the right vehicle is a clear sign to your customer that your business is the company to work with and gives you the peace of mind that you have the right vehicle to carry out your business activities and duties.

Our panel of specialist business vehicle finance brokers have many deals available for any type of business. If your business is a limited partnership, private limited company or public limited company we can assist finding you the very best vehicle purchase option, contract hire, lease hire, lease Purchase, sale and lease back, we work with brokers that have the right, flexible and affordable solution for your business.

Get the vehicle your business needs, whether it is a car, van, HGV, single vehicle or fleet, we can assist your company get on the road and in the vehicle, you need.

Adverse Credit

Having an adverse credit rating can be for numerous reasons, for example, late payments on business or household bills, having no credit leading to a low credit score and proven repayment record or more severely having a county court judgement or being bankrupt or in an IVA. We believe a poor credit rating is on many occasions not a reflection of the person, people can be caught up in circumstances such as sickness, bereavement or job loss in the past and are now doing all to rebuild their credit rating.


Unfortunately, many vehicle finance lenders will not approve anyone with even the slightest adverse credit history.

For many people running a business, having a suitable vehicle is of paramount importance for them to do their work and to grow their business.


We have a panel of flexible lenders who understand the uphill task you may be facing to be approved for finance for a vehicle and can offer a range of flexible finance options to get you the vehicle you and your company needs. Looking to the future and not the past.

New Start Up

Perhaps you are a new start business with little or no trading history. We understand the difficulties you may be facing finding finance for your company vehicle.

We have a panel of specialist vehicle finance lenders who can find the perfect finance solution to fund your vehicle and get you out onto the road.

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